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UX/UI, WCM and Mobile

OpenLogix Digital Experience (Portal Practice) has the skills and experience to help you achieve your portal goals and visions quickly while being able to demonstrate efficiencies and cost benefits. To realize the benefits of integrating applications or collaboration into a comprehensive portal solution, you need to ensure effective and rapid deployment and implementation. The best way to achieve this success is to engage with OpenLogix.

What kind of Portal are you building?

Do you need assistance with the IBM Customer Experience Suite! and IBM Employee Experience Suite?. We can build the following types of Portals for your needs:

  • Employee Intranet Collaborative Portals, Executive Dashboards
  • Corporate Extranet
  • Corporate Public Websites powered by Portal/WCM
  • Self-Service Portals
  • Government Portals
  • B2B and B2C Portals
  • Mobile Enabling your Portal assets using IBM Worklight

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Are you Mobile Ready?

Do you want to mobile enable your portal? Do you want to leverage existing assets and investments from IBM WebSphere Portal? OpenLogix is one of the premier Mobile partners with IBM.

We have the right mobile skills along with the Portal experience to provide you the right expertise for a Portal-Mobile strategy.

  • Mobile Themes
  • Mobile Web (Portal powered)
  • Mobile Apps with content from Portal and WCM
  • Integration of IBM Worklight with IBM Digital Experience (Portal/WCM)

What’s new in IBM Digital Experience 9.0?

Are you ready to migrate to version 9?

  • Talk to us about migration planning
  • We have experience migrating customers from 6.x to 8.5 or 7.x to 8.5 or 9.0
  • We can even do a fixed-time, fixed-cost migrations
  • Talk to us about various migration options you have

Portal Skills

OpenLogix Portal practice consists of a mix of WebSphere Portal skills:

  • Portal Architects, Developers and Administrators
  • Resources with skills in WebSphere Portal versions 5.1, 6.0, 6.1.5, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0
  • Migration from previous versions to the latest version
  • Web Content Management (WCM)
  • Migration from Interwoven or Vignette to WCM
  • Resources with WebSphere Portlet Factory (User Experience Factory) skills
  • Complementary Skills: IBM Connections (Social Business), Forms Experience Builder among others
  • Resources with strong integration background
  • Strong Commerce/Portal Integration experience. Check out our Commerce Practice.

Portal Now! and WCM Now! – Jumpstart Programs

Portal Now! and WCM Now! are Portal/WCM Jumpstart programs which help customers get a quickstart on their Portal and WCM implementations. Some of the services we provide as part of the Portal Now! and WCM Now! program include:

  • Install Portal Software on a Development box
  • Get a sample portal application running and trading a couple of the customer employees on how to configure and play with the portal with their business cases using a monitoring process, rather than regular class room based training.
  • We also help in building an plan around integrating Portal with other applications

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Portal Implementation

OpenLogix Portal Implementation Services can evaluate your environment and provide recommendations to help mitigate risks, speed deployment and accelerate returns with IBM WebSphere Portal by:

  • Assisting customers in moving from tangible proof points to full scale deployments
  • Integrating IBM WebSphere Portal into a customer’s existing environment,
  • Creating and customizing the portal based on specific customer needs
  • Delivering training designed to extend technical skills and maximize user productivity with WebSphere

Leveraging our technical experiences with Lotus Software, WebSphere Portal, and other IBM products, our services will deliver flexible solutions to meet your needs — from pilot stage through full-scale deployments.

Portal Integration

Being a strong Business Integration services company, we have integration experts, who can assist customers in integrating WebSphere Portal with backend applications like SAP, Siebel, Mainframe among others. Read about our Integration Practice.

Social Business

Email is where knowledge goes to die

Enterprises face a growing need for innovative products and services in a 24×7 digital world where knowledge workers can spend up to a day a week searching for the information to do their jobs. More employees are telecommuting these days. So, finding the “right expertise” within the enterprise is a challenge. To address these challenges, OpenLogix can implement Social business solution using “IBM Connections”.

IBM Connections Service Offerings

  • JumpStart – IBM Connections in 15 Days
  • IBM Connections in Box/Cloud offering
  • IBM Connections Gamification (Bunchball’s Nitro Platform)
  • Are you thinking of upgrading to the latest version of Connections?
  • WebSphere Portal and Connections integration
  • Polls, Kudos in Connections

Ready for your Digital Transformation?

Leveraging leading DX software from IBM like the IBM Digital Experience Suite (WebSphere Portal), IBM Watson Content Hub (WCM/CMS), OpenLogix can deliver a comprehensive DX solution. Whether your organization is looking to build a business case for social, plan for social adoption, or advance an established a social business strategy, OpenLogix can help you bring better business results and gain a competitive advantage over others in your industry.

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