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Openlogix MuleSoft Practice helps customers from strategy, tool selection, POC and getting to a stable state using MuleSoft. Integration is the core of what Openlogix does. With our partnership with MuleSoft, we can deliver the best of the integration solutions that your organization needs. Talk to one of our integration experts!

How can we help?

  • API Tool Selection Process
  • MuleSoft Consulting
  • MuleSoft half-day educational workshop, Demo
  • MuleSoft Assessment/POC
  • Identify UseCases for initial implementation
  • MuleSoft implementation services
  • MuleSoft Certified Resources
  • Provide MuleSoft Quote, Pricing Info
  • Ongoing Support

How can we help you with MuleSoft?

Fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss your MuleSoft project

Openlogix is a certified MuleSoft Partner

Major brands trust MuleSoft for their digital transformation needs.

Why Openlogix is your MuleSoft partner of choice?

Deliver your integration projects at light speed.


API Strategy, Tool Selection, Assessment, and POC

Openlogix integration experts can help you with your API journey.

  •    Build an API strategy around integration.
  •    Help with selecting an API tool
  •    Asses your integration code
  •    Identify Pilot/POC Use Case(s)

Openlogix is a MuleSoft Certified Partner


End-to-End MuleSoft Implementation: Design to Production

If you already an existing MuleSoft user or just chosen MuleSoft, talk to us about how we can help you with the product implementation.

  •    Identify integration needs
  •    Discover existing assets for reuse
  •    Assist with installation, design, development, and support
  •    Reduced cost of implementation

Openlogix is a Mulesoft Certified Partner  & Authorized Reseller.


Certified MuleSoft resources: Staff Augmentation

Are you short on MuleSoft resources? We can fill the gaps for you.

  •    Full time resources
  •    Contract resources
  •    Offshore Resources
  •    MuleSoft Architects and Developers

Talk to Openlogix about your MuleSoft staffing needs.

MuleSoft Training: Get your team trained on MuleSoft

Openlogix can help you with developing MuleSoft skills for your team members and teach you on what you need to be successful.

  •    Workshop based format
  •    Hands on training
  •    Pair Programming
  •    All the above based on real cause(s)

Talk to Openlogix about your MuleSoft training needs.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

The foundation every company needs to implement a solid digital transformation strategy

Collaborate and discover templates, samples, APIs, and other reusable components. Promote consistency with internal best practices and promote reuse. Have complete control over how your APIs are shared and discovered within your organization.
      –  MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange
      –  MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors

Design-First Approach: Improve efficiencies with a design-first approach that leverages collaborative tools and a mockup service to gather early feedback. Test and validate APIs and develop and deploy them with pre-built components.
      –  MuleSoft Anypoint Design Center
      –  MuleSoft MUnit

With multiple deployment options, you can deploy your APIs on-premise or in a public or private cloud environment, or to the MuleSoft iPaaS platform. You can also move between these environments instantly and scale as needed to achieve high availability with zero downtime.
         –   MuleSoft Runtime Engine
        –    MuleSoft CloudHub

Manage your complete MuleSoft Anypoint Platform through a single simple UI. Manage access privileges, monitor SLAs, adjust enterprise resources, and securely inspect transactions as they flow between various enterprise applications. Provides operational intelligence and real-time business insights with fully customizable dashboards and reports.
      –  MuleSoft Anypoint Management System
      –  MuleSoft Anypoint API Manager
      –  MuleSoft Runtime Manager
      –  MuleSoft Anypoint Monitoring

Implement security during design, development and evolve it as needed in production. Secure your apps and your data at rest or in-flight with tokenization, apply policies, and screen incoming traffic for irregularities or breaches. Easily conform to industry compliance standards, such as GDPR
      –  MuleSoft Anypoint Security
      –   Automatic tokenization
      –   Prebuilt Security Standards
      –   Edge Security

MuleSoft Deployment Options

You can deploy it anywhere and access it everywhere


Fully managed, fully hosted MuleSoft integration PaaS. Connect apps, data, and devices with a 100% cloud-based platform.

On Premise

Deploy Mule on Premises in a public or private cloud. Move between environments instantly and scale as needed to achieve high availability with zero-message loss.

Need Help?

Not sure? If you need help with the deployment options or capacity planning. Talk to us.

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Contact our MuleSoft Practice

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  • Contact: (919) 200-4333
  • Email: mulesoft {@}

Get started with your MuleSoft journey!

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