Your Complete SOA Solutions Provider

OpenLogix is your complete end-to-end SOA solutions provider. Being partnered with the leading SOA vendor, IBM, OpenLogix resells their software and provides customers with the services they need to make them successful in their SOA implementation.

SOA being the core of what OpenLogix does, they also cover other areas of the enterprise IT, which includes: Business Integration, Enterprise Portals, Commerce, SAP Practice, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence and QA Testing.

IBM Reseller

OpenLogix is a Premier Business Partner of IBM and is a reseller of their products. One of the main focus areas for OpenLogix within the IBM software spectrum is in the SOA space, which includes the WebSphere stack of products.

OpenLogix, being a Premier Business Partner could provide you with very competitive software pricing. For a software quote, please click here.


OpenLogix Management consists of executives from the IT industry with an average industry experience of over 12 years. Their experiences vary from Automotive to Healthcare to Telecom and have worked for major corporations and for major consulting companies before starting up OpenLogix.

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