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IBM Premier Business PartnerOpenLogix is a Premier Business Partner of IBM and reseller all their Software products directly. We offer some deep discounts on software and much deeper discounts if bundled with services. As a Premier Business Partner of IBM, OpenLogix has access directly to the product teams and our support on these products is of high quality.

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IBM Software:

Here are links to some of the most popular products that we regularly provide quotes to customers on.

  • Discounts are varied depending on your IBM Passport Advantage Level that you are at.
  • Deeper discounts are offered by OpenLogix, if Software is combined with services.
  • Please make sure you have your IBM Customer Number available when asked by our representative.


IBM Mobile Foundation:

IBM Worklight

IBM Worklight is an open mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets that helps organizations to efficiently develop, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications.

The overall IBM Worklight framework facilitates an efficient means of cross-platform development by providing a studio to build applications, a server overlay to connect and house them, and a console to monitor and control them. It is a great end-to-end solution that can provide a range of light hybrid applications to powerful native applications.

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IBM Cast Iron
An integration framework that enables companies to rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications.Rapidly deliver cloud integration projects in days and achieve higher return on investment in software as a service (SaaS) and cloud models. Leverage reusable process templates and use a “configuration, not coding” approach to solve the entire lifecycle of your cloud integration.

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IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager
A solution built on BigFix® technology that addresses the issues of security, complexity and BYOD policies that challenge support for an increasingly mobile workforce.IBM® Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices provides a completely integrated approach for managing, securing, and reporting on laptops, desktops, servers, smartphones, tablets, and even specialty devices such as point-of-sale terminals. This provides customers with unprecedented real-time visibility and control over all devices employees use in their daily job functions; reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving compliance.

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IBM WebSphere Brand of Products:

WebSphere Application Server

As the foundation of the IBM® WebSphere® software platform, WebSphere Application Server V6.1 delivers the secure, scalable, resilient application infrastructure you need for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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WebSphere Integration Developer

Announcing WebSphere Integration Developer 6.0.2 – one tool, one set of skills providing end-to-end integration in your SOA. The common tool for building SOA-based integration solutions across WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere ESB, and WebSphere Adapters.

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WebSphere Process Server – WPS

Markets change, economies rise and fall, new threats and opportunities present themselves, and your business is in the middle of it all. In this dynamic, on-demand world, you need to take back control of your business. You need to be able to respond faster than your competitors, out-maneuvering them to stay ahead of the game and provide your customers with the service and products that differentiate you from the pack. Business Process Management (BPM) enables you to do exactly that.

At the heart of BPM is WebSphere® Process Server, your high-performance business engine that executes your mission-critical business processes securely, consistently, and with transactional integrity.

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WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus – ESB

WebSphere® Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides Web services connectivity, JMS™ messaging and service oriented integration to power your Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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WebSphere Adapters

IBM WebSphere® Adapters allow you to quickly and easily create integrated processes that exchange information between ERP, HR, CRM and supply chain systems. The adapters service-enable your applications by connecting them to the Enterprise Service Bus, which powers your Service Oriented Architecture.

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WebSphere MQ – WMQ

IBM WebSphere® MQ delivers reliable integration for applications and Web services, allowing you to fully leverage your existing software and hardware investments, with the proven and trusted market leader. WebSphere MQ provides an award-winning messaging backbone for deploying your enterprise service bus (ESB) today as the connectivity layer of a service-orientated architecture (SOA).

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WebSphere Message Broker – WMB

WebSphere® Message Broker delivers an advanced Enterprise Service Bus providing connectivity and universal data transformation for both standard and non-standards-based applications and services to power your service-oriented architecture.

WebSphere Message Broker transforms and enriches in-flight information to provide a level of intermediation between applications that use different message structures and formats.

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WebSphere Transformation Extender – WTX

Today’s modern enterprise often has complex challenges to integration, which require the ability to handle complex, semi-structured, interdependent, and disparate data types. Even leveraging investments in integration platforms, companies far too often are left to manual or programmatic manipulation of complex data in order to “prep it for integration use.”

“WebSphere Transformation Extender for Message Broker” Enhances the value of WebSphere Message Broker with complex data transformation capabilities

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WebSphere Commerce Server – WCS

WebSphere Commerce Server (WCS) provides a complete solution for a company’s electronic commerce needs. It has evolved to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market and incorporates many of the concepts which are now integral to doing business over the Internet. This two day course teaches developers how to do intermediate to advanced level of customizations of WCS stores. They will learn how to develop, test, and deploy various components of a WCS store to override or extend the business logic.

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IBM Customer Experience Suite (Portal, Lotus Offerings):

WebSphere Portal Server

The IBM WebSphere® Portal Server offering is the foundation offering of the WebSphere Portal product family.

WebSphere Portal Server provides core portal services that aggregate applications and content and deliver them as role-based applications, including:

  • An enhanced user experience that helps increase organizational productivity, with fly-out menus and page navigation, drag and drop support throughout, and other user interface enhancements.
  • Development and deployment enhancements that help improve operational efficiency, including application templates, accelerated application development, and other enhanced tools.
  • Advanced personalization and policy-based administration features that help accelerate deployments.

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Workplace Forms

Workplace Forms provide a secure, dynamic, and intelligent front-end to on demand business processes. Workplace Forms consists of a server, designer, and client viewer that enable creation, deployment, and streamlining of XML forms-based processes.

IBM Workplace Forms Express 2.6 helps companies to quickly and easily create interactive Web forms without Web programming skills, helping accelerate business transactions and reduce operational costs.

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IBM Connections

IBM Connections is social software for business that lets you access everyone in your professional network, including your colleagues, customers, and partners.

By empowering people to easily connect with employees, partners, and customers, IBM Connections can help businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and others increase efficiencies in multiple perspectives of an overall business process. It leverages a design to help blanket across various task-roles via social connections and communications.

If you haven’t already gone social, understanding how it helps a business grow is important. Check out our page on Social Business

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Tivoli Products

OpenLogix will soon provide information on Tivoli Products. But, if you are interested in a quote, please fill out our quote form to get some pricing.

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Other Products We Resell

We also resell other Products. Just use the Quote form to get pricing on any IBM Software.

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