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Project Description

The IBM Impact 2014 Beacon Hunt is your companion for micro-locations. We’ll be hiding beacons at various locations, eg: at the OpenLogix Booth, 714-1, IBM Booth among other places. Use the beacon radar in the app to find and unlock beacons (locations) and gain information on each location. Complete the hunt by finding all the 6 beacons and you’ll earn an entry into an awesome prize drawing.

We wanted to showcase the power of IBM Worklight and Hybrid development in conjunction with micro-location. IBM Impact 2014 Beacon Hunt is a hybrid application to the core. It leveraged the rapidity of web development with the augmentation of native technology. Its use of Bluetooth Low Energy, local notifications, and background processing were done using IBM Worklight to help build and maintain each code set. We optimized it for different devices using the optimization framework. The application is easily updated via the Worklight server. Its use of micro-locations brings forth a new context of where people are, even if they are without GPS capabilities. By combining the micro-locations and dynamic back-end data, you can provide a new experience for your users.

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